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Jomblang Cave Tour

Jomblang Cave tour  is in one day adventurous tour to Jomblang Cave a vertical cave, where visitors should to reach the bottom, that located at Gunung Kidul Regency reachable 2 hours from Jogjakarta.

Jomblang Cave is one of the vertical cave, look like the big sinkhole with 90 meters deeps,To get to the bottom of Jomblang  cave there is no need to use the Single Rope Technique to go to the bottom of the cave because the cave management has provided services to go there by providing a human-operated crane that will drop the visitors one by one to the bottom as well as to climb back up but visitors are limited due to the time available

Tour Itinerary

06.00 leave hotel drive to Jomblang Cave location earlier departure is suggested as the total person allowed is only 80 person for a day, who will come earlier is priority 
08.00 arrive on site, short instruction to how to reach bottom of the cave
09.00 repelling down couple by couple to the bottom
11.00 explore interior where you can seethe magnificent stalactite and stalagmite and if you lucky you can see the heaven light from the roof hole of the cave, when the sun passing on hole
13.00 Repelling up the visitors  and drive back to Jogjakarta 
14.00 Going back to Jogjakarta (after this tour you can continue your trip to Timang beach to see spectacular ocean view and ride traditional gondola or walk to timang island )

1. Private Transport (Van driver fuel and parking fees)
2. Entrances fees and admissions fee
3. Rent safety gears and rappelling down and up service
4. Local instructors

1. Personal expenses
2. Tipping for driver and tour guide

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