Yogya Tours offers rent car service from Yogyakarta/Jogja to visit Borobudur, Prambanan, Merapi, Jomblang and Pindul Cave, Dieng Plateau Timang Beach and other tourist destination in Jogjakarta also rent car service from Jogjakarta to Bromo, Ijen and finish in Bali, in affordable price with good attitudes drivers.

Up date rent car price 2019
from Jogjakarta to tourist destinations, based on MPV type van such as Toyota Avanza fit for 2 to 4 passengers or Toyota Innova fit for 2 to 6 passengers

Norent car from Jogjakarta toPrice IDR
1Borobudur-Jogjakarta (half day)400.000
2Borobudur-Prambanan-Jogjakarta (a day)550.000
3Borobudur-Merapi-Prambanan-Jogjakarta (a day)550.000
4Jomblang Cave-Timang Beach-Jogjakarta (a day)650.000
5Prambanan-Jogjakarta (half day)400.000
6Dieng Plateau-Jogjakarta (a day)650.000
7Sukuh Cetho Temples-Jogjakarta (a day)650.000
8Jogjakarta Bromo Surabaya (2 days)1.950.000
9Jogjakarta Bromo Ijen Bali (3 days)3.250.000
10Jogjakarta Jepara 950.000

1. Driver
2. Gasoline

1. Toll and Parking fees

If your destination is not mentioned as above please contact us