Shore Excursions for All Cruise Ships Passengers from Cruise Ports in Java

Java island located on the line between Singapore to Australia, has the mains tourist destinations that you should take in your agenda during your ship sail passing through Indonesia Archipelago, where your cruise ship may dock at Semarang Port, or Surabaya Port and Probolinggo Port

Yogya Tours, local tour operator has a good experiences to provide shore excursion for all cruise ship passengers, with our favorites tour packages Borobudur one Day Tour from Semarang port, or Semarang City Tour and Bromo Day Tour from Surabaya port or Surabaya City Tour in excellent services with reasonable price

Borobudur temple, the biggest ancient Buddhis Monument located in central Java, built at 8th century, in the golden age of Hindu and Buddhist kingdom in central java. Temple compound by 3 levels that symbolized the life in Buddhism , Borobudur located 2.5 hours from Semarang port this tourist destination could be reached easier when your ship disembark in Semarang port.

Bromo Mountain, is a splendor mountain that compound by located Bromo as an active volcano in the middle of caldera and surrounded by the wall of higher peaks, Bromo Mountain is located 2.5 hours from Surabaya Port could be reached when your ship disembark in Surabaya Port or 1.5 hours when your ships disembark at Probolinggo port a small port where located nearest to Bromo Mountain

This followed is tours offered for all cruise ship passengers dock at Semarang Port, Surabaya Port and from Probolinggo Port

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