Jomblang Cave

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Jomblang Cave
is one of the vertical cave, look like the big sinkhole with 90 meters deeps, that prepared for all visitors to explore underground river, while on the middle day, we see the heaven light among stalactite and stalagmite on the bottom of this cave.

To get to the bottom of Jomblang cave there is no need to use the Single Rope Technique to go to the bottom of the cave because the cave management has provided services to go there by providing a human-operated crane that will drop the visitors one by one to the bottom as well as to climb back up but visitors are limited due to the time available

How to visit Jomblang cave ?
To visit the cave, visitors must arrive earlier in this area before scheduled service that start at 8 o’clock, because the number of people who can go down is limited to 80 people only for a day.

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