Sukuh Cetho Temples


The temple Sukuh is one of the many Hindu relic in Central Java. Located on western slope of Mount Lawu, 91`0 meters above the sea level and 7km from Karangpandan.

Sukuh was built in the XV century just before Moslem penetrate throughout the island of java. It is also usually called “the most erotic temple in the world. Sukuh has a unique from structure which also shows Indonesia original elements. more prominent rather then mostly Indian temple elements. It is a holy structure of building for Siva religion that in Indonesia is a symbolize by phallus which visualizing in real as a man sex organ.

The architecture alone set Sukuh apart. It is a stepped, truncated pyramid, and it looks very like the Mayan temple of Yucatan and Guatemala in central America. The temple is a spiritual monument with a complete relieves that really enchanting and rare

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