Timang Island and Jomblang Cave

Gunungkidul is a regency in the southeast part of the province of Yogyakarta Special Region, It is located 2 to 3 hours from Jogjakarta City. The regency (the name of which means South Hills in Javanese) Gunung Kidul area Constituent bedrock is limestone with characteristic conical hills (Conical limestone) and the karst area. The limestone hills are reported to contain hundreds of caves. These are classified locally as vertical caves Jomblang cave (Luweng Jomblang) .

Timang Island
Timang Island located at Gunung Kidul Regency 2.5 hours from Jogjakarta City, Timang Beach a location offer the visitors visit the panoramic view of Indian Ocean southern of Java Island, have experience in riding  cable cart or gondola operated by human-power or other option take cable bridge  to reach Timang Island  We offer you tour package  One day tour Timang Beach tour  from Jogjakarta

Jomblang Cave
is one of the vertical cave, look like the big sinkhole with 90 meters deeps, that prepared for all visitors to explore underground river,while on the middle day, we see the heaven light among stalactite and stalagmite on the bottom  of this cave.

To get to the bottom of Jomblang  cave there is no need to use the Single Rope Technique to go to the bottom of the cave because the cave management has provided services to go there by providing a human-operated crane that will drop the visitors one by one to the bottom as well as to climb back up but visitors are limited due to the time available