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YOGYA TOURS, is tour operator established in 1996 and located in Yogyakarta, has experiences and capabilities to provide various tour packages to visit the top tourist destinations such as Yogyakarta City, and then Borobudur Temple the largest Buddhist temple built at 8th century, the world heritage registered by UNESCO and Prambanan Temples the largest Hindu temple dated at 9th century and Mt Bromo to watch sunrise and panorama view and then Ijen Crater to watch blue fire and huge acid water lake’s panorama view.

YOGYA TOURS offers various tours regulars or on customers request to visit tourist destinations in Yogyakarta, such as Borobudur, Prambanan Temples, Timang beach, Jomblang Cave, Dieng Plateau also destination in East Java such as Mount Bromo and Ijen Crater.

Transport Service

We offer affordable private tourist transport service in Yogyakarta with driver to discover the tourist destinations in Yogyakarta, using all types of vehicles in very good condition, from a small minivan to individuals or families like Toyota Avanza fit for 2 people up to 4 people, or large van Hi Ace fit for small groups of 6 to 10 people or tourist bus from 35 seaters to a maximum of 54 seaters. Check transport price 2024 by following link as bellow.

Regular Tour Packages 2024

Our team spends a lot of time to design and update our tour packages to discover tourist destinations in Yogyakarta as below, available for individual or for group but if the tours are not mentioned in the tour package list, please allow us to customize your tours, with the preferred destinations, date period, total participants and pick up location. Get products detail as followed:

Shore Excursions

Organized special for cruise ship passengers from Semarang Surabaya Port

Yogyakarta One Day Tours

One day tour specials organized to visit tourist destination from Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta Bromo Ijen Tours

Tours Packages start from Yogyakarta to visit Bromo and Ijen with finish in Bali

Featured Tour Packages 2024

The best seller or highlighted tour packages that are highly recommended to explore tourist destinations in Yogyakarta, such as Borobudur, the largest Buddhist temple in the world and Prambanan the largest Hindu temple complex and Mount Bromo, Ijen Crater and others. Click on this link below, you will be directed to detailed tour arrangement.

Tours Details

Shore Excursion to Borobudur Temple from Semarang Port

Tour Description

Borobudur Temple the biggest ancient Buddhist temple in the world built at 8th century is the main tourist destinations in Central Java, and its reachable easier from Semarang Port.
We offer the best Borobudur One Day Tour From Semarang Port, a special shore excursion to Borobudur temple for all cruise ships passenger docking at Semarang cruise Port in a single day tour.

Why should cuisse ships passengers take this tour?

  • We have a good experience to provide shore excursions for cruise ship passengers from Semarang Port
  • Private tour, private transport. no depend to the others
  • Flexible tour itineraries and duration will flexible.
  • Historical tour to visit the biggest Buddhist temple in the world.
  • Recommended tour when cruise ship passing over Indonesia Archipelago

Tour itineraries

08.00 or later, your ship dock at Semarang Port, our team with signboard in hand will pick up at private pick-up location and then drive directly to Borobudur Temple, passing by toll ways to skip Semarang city center.

11.00 – Arrive at Borobudur Temple, after 100km on ways, an then get entrances tickets at entrances we walk troughs the beautiful garden to the Borobudur Temple, from the courtyard around, we can see the statues inside the niches with different hand positions from 4 different angles, we can see on the open basement a piece of relief from the Mahakaramawibangga story (stories that contain the moral teachings of cause-and-effect), and take pictures with the whole temple as the background, and on the top to the circular level where located 72 stupa and 1 biggest mother stupa
12.30 – going down to take Lunch at Local restaurant
14.00 – Drive back to Semarang Port
16.00 – arrive at Semarang Port


  • Transport (mpv type driver, fuel, parking fees)
  • Entrances Tickets to Borobudur
  • Local Tour Guides
  • Mineral Water


  • Meals
  • All Personal Expenses

How much does Shore excursion to Borobudur Temple in One Day Tour from Semarang Port cost?

MembersUSDPrice Per person
Price subject to change without prior notice. Get discounted price, please contact us.

Borobudur Prambanan One Day Tour

Tour Description

Borobudur Prambanan One Day Tour is recommended one day tour to visit Borobudur Temple the largest biggest Buddhist temple in the world dated at 8th century and Prambanan Temple the largest complex of Hindu temples date at 9th century, starting from Yogyakarta airport by first flight from Bali or From Jakarta or from hotel where you stay in Yogyakarta City, starting in the morning to Borobudur Prambanan Temples in one day tour.

Why should travelers book Borobudur Prambanan One Day tour?

  • A private tour, private transport, no need to waif for another
  • Flexible tour itineraries, duration and timing
  • Visiting 2 tops of tourist destinations Yogyakarta.
  • Enjoyable Historical Tour packages

Tour Itineraries
07.00 – Pick up from your hotel in Jogjakarta or airport, and transfer to Borobudur Temple that well known as the biggest Buddhist temple dated at 8th century, located about 40 km from Jogjakarta 
08.30 – Arrive at Borobudur, get the entrance ticket at entrances gate, then walk through the beautiful gardens, walking up the stairs steps to reach the courtyard around Borobudur Temple.

Borobudur Temple is Buddhist temple which was built in the 8th century, is located on a hill, which consists of 3 levels, 2 rectangular levels, the first level is the temple basement, and the second level where you can see the story of Buddha depicted on the temple walls and then the third level is a circular level where there are 72 large stupas with 1 largest stupa as the main stupa.

11.30 – Driving to Prambanan temple the biggest Hindu Temple dated at 8th century that compound by Brahma Siva and Vishnu Temple and on the way stop over at Pawon Temple and Mendut Temple where the 3 Buddhist statue located inside
14.00 – Visit Prambanan temple the biggest Hindu temples, built at 8th century, compound by mains temples Brahma Siva and Vishnu, surrounded by smaller temples
17.00 – Going back to Yogyakarta transfer to hotel or to airport


  • Transport (van driver, fuel, parking fees)
  • Entrances Tickets to Borobudur and Prambanan temples
  • Local Tour Guides English speaking
  • Mineral Water


  • Meals
  • All Personal Expenses

How much Borobudur Prambanan One Day Tour cost?

MembersUSDPrice Per Person
Price subject to change without prior notice. Get discounted price, please contact us.

Timang Island One Day Tour

Tour Descriptions

Timang Island is located at Tepus Gunungkidul reachable in 2 hours from Jogjakarta City, this location was used for shooting the south Korea television Running Man, offers beautiful panorama view of Indian Ocean and adventurous tour where the visitors should pass over the powerful Indian Ocean to reach Timang Island using cable cart or traditional gondola that motorized by local people or cable bridge that available for brave visitors.

Why should traveler book Timang Island tour in One day?

  • A private tour, private transport.
  • Flexible tour itineraries and duration will flexible.
  • Tour to the exotic location where the visitors use their adrenalin to reach Timang island

Tour itineraries

07.00 – leave hotel in Jogjakarta and drive to Gunung Kidul
11.00 – arrive at the gate of the village, and we change transport mode to Jeep 4×4 as we will pass rocky route to Timang Beach
12.00 – on location you could choose, with one you prefer by cable cart or Cable Bridge to reach Timang island passing over Indian Ocean
14.00 – going back to start point and stop at local restaurant where you can at taste local restaurant that serves lobsters that have been caught on the island of Timang in the morning
15.00 – on the way to Jogjakarta stop over at Penger Pines Forest
16.00 – leave Pengger Pines Forest to drive back to Jogjakarta
17.00 – arrive at hotel end of service


  • Transport (private Van AC, driver gasoline, parking fees)
  • Jeep 4v4
  • Entrances Tickets to Timang beach


  • Meals (lunch)
  • All Personal Expenses

Further information and request a quotation please contact us

Dieng Plateau One Day Tour

Tour Description

Dieng Plateau Tour is recommended one day tour from Jogjakarta to visit the complex of oldest Hindu Temples dated at 7th century, visit Sikidang, the area where we can watch the small and biggest hot mud carters and then Telaga Warna colored water lake caused by gases, that seen better from higher peak nearest, and spectacular mountain country’s side view with villages and potatoes and vegetables farm or tobacco farm in dry season, along mountain route.

Why should traveler take Dieng Plateau One Day Tour from Jogjakarta?

  • Private tour Private Transport no need to wait for the others.
  • Flexible Tour itinerary
  • Tour combination between Heritage and Natural tour

Tour itinerary

07.00 – leave hotel drive to Dieng Plateau that located on highland at Middle of Java Island, reachable approx. 3 hours from Jogjakarta passing through Wonosobo a nearest city from Dieng Plateau
10.00 – arrive at Dieng Plateau where located, the complex of 7th century Hindu temples that considered as the oldest temple, named as the figures in Mahabharata Story, visitors walk across the potato’s fields.
11.00 – after visiting the complex of temples in the middle of farm, and then going to location where the hot mud carters, that named as Sikidang Crater, in this location it smells strongly sulfur gasses from the small crates
12.30 – and then going to visit Telaga Warna, a lake with different watercolors caused by gasses, and the view seen better from higher peak nearest.
13.00 – drive back to Wonosobo to take lunch.
15.00 – going back to Jogjakarta.
18.00 – arrive at Jogjakarta, End of service.

Tour Inclusions

  • Transport (van driver fuel and parking fees)
  • Entrances Tickets
  • Tour guide English speaking
  • Mineral Water

Tour Exclusions

  • Lunch
  • All Personal expenses

Further information and request a quotation please contact us

Favorites Yogyakarta Bromo Ijen Bali 3 Days 2 Nights Tour

Tour Description

Long trip from Jogjakarta to Mount Bromo by land to watch sunrise panorama view from higher point in Bromo, and then to walking on sand volcanic and climb up to 249 stairs to visit Bromo Crater, after that driving Banyuwangi where in text day, departing early the morning to Ijen Crater to see blue fire phenomena, sunrise huge acid water lake, sulfur porters and finish by transferring to your hotel in Bali.

Why should travelers book Jogjakarta Bromo Ijen Bali Tour?

  • A private tour, private transport.
  • Flexible tour itineraries and duration will flexible.
  • No nee to change transport
  • Drop off on your hotel in Bali

Tour Itinerary

Day 01 Depart from Jogjakarta to Bromo
07.00 – Breakfast at hotel and drive to Bromo by land
16.00 – arrive at Bromo stay overnight at hotel in Bromo mountain area

Day 02 Bromo Sunrise tour and Transfer to Banyuwangi
03.00 – morning call and take a jeep 4 x 4 and start your tour to discover Mount Bromo, to enjoy the golden sunrise and watch panoramic view from Penanjakan Peak.
06.00 – after that, proceed to Mt. Bromo crater through the shimmering sea of sand, climb up to 250 steps to watch Bromo Crater
08.00 – Back to hotel for breakfast and have shower with hot water
10.00 – Leaving Bromo drive to Banyuwangi to stay overnight

Day 03 Ijen Blue Fire Tour and Transfer to Bali
00.30 – Early morning departs to the whole-day excursion to Mt. Ijen.
02.00 – arrive at Paltuding Ranger base camp and Trekking to the rim of Ijen Crater to watch Blue Fire a rare phenomena covered Ijen Crater that appear in the dark of night, stay until sunrise appear.
06.00 – walking down back to start point and rejoin the coach
08.00 – going back to hotel
10.00 – drive to Ketapang, Banyuwangi, the ferry harbor, to cross to Gilimanuk harbor Bali.
12.00 – Meet our driver in Bali side who will transfer you to your hotel

Tour Inclusions

  • Transport (van driver fuel toll and parking fee)
  • Hotel Room
    • 1 Night at Bromo
    • 1 Night at Banyuwangi
  • Local English Speaking tour guide
  • Jeep 4×4 for Bromo Tour
  • Private transport from ferry port to your hotel in Bali

Tour Exclusions

  • All Entrances Tickets
  • Meals You may request to our team to stop in a hygienic local restaurant
  • All Personal Expenses

Further information and request a quotation please contact us

Favorites Java Bali Overland Tour 14 Days 13 Nights

Tour Description

Java Bali 14 Days Overland Tour is highly recommended for travelers who want to take long trip by land starting from Jakarta, to discover the tourist destinations in along Java Island and finish in Bali. Detail Java Bali 14 Days Overland tour itinerary inclusions and exclusion

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