Mt. Merapi



Merapi volcano  lied 30 km, northern side of Jogja, when the weather is clear, a spectacular sight of the panoramic view that covers the surrounding forest of Plawangan and Kaliurang, and rolling green countryside that fades into distant misty horizons of the blue Indian Ocean can be seen easily. It is better to do mount climbing during the dry season (April-September). There are two paths of mount climbing to the top of Merapi. The easier way is the north path, through Selo, Boyolali Center Java. The most difficult path is from Kinahrejo, (9 km from the mountaintop, but you will need around 8 hours to climb to the top due to difficult path)

Merapi Golf Course :

the biggest and a most beautiful golf park of 60 ha area with 18 holes, is a international golf course founded on the slopes of Merapi, with exotic view to Mount Merapi at 800 m altitude. the atmosphere is very fresh. Restaurant and fitness center are also available here.

Merapi Jeep Tour:

Merapi Jeep Adventure Tour is an adventurous tour by Jeep, located at Kaliadem Village, south of Mt. Merapi After the eruption of Mount Merapi (volcano) in 2010, this village was covered by lava, suitable to make a light adventure by jeep passing through the rivers, sand volcanic, tourist can see villages destructed by that eruption, museum, show you more about the impact of the eruption in 2010.

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