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Yogyakarta Transport Service

Transport (rental car) service from City of Yogyakarta t Borobudur temple, Prambanan temple and to Dieng Plateau, to Timang Beach, to Jomblang cave, to Mount Bromo, finishing at Surabaya or Bali, or transport service for a long trip from Yogyakarta to Mount Bromo and Ijen Crater and finishing at Bali, basically we use all good air-conditioned vans with a good drivers who able to speak English such as

Yogyakarta at a glance

Yogyakarta or Jogja its same, was the capital of Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Sultanate, has the highlighted tourist destinations, such as: Mt. Merapi an active volcano, Jomblang Cave vertical cave on karst area, Timang Beach where the visitors ride cable cart, Dieng Plateau the highland where we can watch oldest temple, and beautiful scenic panorama view the ancients Borobudur Temples the Buddhist Temple the UNESCO Monument and Prambananan Temples, built at golden age of Hindu and Buddhist kingdoms at (7th to 9th century). The New Yogyakarta Airport (NYA) international airport is the biggest Airport in Jogjakarta that’s reachable by domestic flights from Jakarta, Denpasar, also linked by international flight from Singapore or Kuala Lumpur.

  1. Small van or MPV air-conditioned category
    • Toyota Avanza that fits for 02 to 04 passengers
    • Toyota Innova that fit for 02 to 06 passengers
  2. Big van (Toyota Hi Ace) air conditioned that fits for 06 to maximal 10 people
  3. Medium Size buses 30 seaters and Big Tourist Bus and
  4. The Others type on customers request 

Why should travelers use our transport service to discover Yogyakarta

We provide the reliable transport to visit tourist destinations in Yogyakarta area in very affordable price, base on our specific services namely:

  1. Using all-type vans that are well-conditioned 
  2. Conducted by very good-attitude drivers (they are not allowed to get commission by mark-upping the fees of jeep rental, entrances tickets, restaurants, art shop etc.)
  3. Only a reasonable price.

Transport Service from Yogyakarta Price List 2024

We provide private affordable transport hire service in Yogyakarta, reliable transport with driver who able to speak English to help you discover Java Island, using all type vehicle in very good conditions from small MPV for individual or family likes Toyota Avanza use for 2 persons to 4 persons, or big van for small group 6 to 12 people like Toyota HI ACE or tourist bus from 35 seats to maximum 54 seats

Transport service price list of transport in Jogjakarta using small van such as mpv Toyota Avanza or similar type suitable for 2 to 4 passengers.

Yogyakarta Airport Transfer

Yogyakarta Airport TransferPrice IDR
Yogyakarta City to New Yogyakarta Airport350.000
New Yogyakarta Airport to Yogyakarta City350.000
Price are subject to change without notice, to get discounted price, please contact us

One Day Yogyakarta Transport Services

Transport ServicesPrice IDR
Borobudur Temple in One Day Tour750.000
Prambanan Temple in One Day Tour750.000
Yogyakarta to Borobudur and Prambanan Temples850.000
Yogyakarta to Borobudur Merapi and Prambanan850.000
Yogyakarta to Jomblang Cave or Timang Beach850.000
Yogyakarta to Dieng Plateau850.000
Yogyakarta to Sukuh Cetho Temples850.000
Price are subject to change without notice, to get discounted price, please contact us

Long Trip Transport from Yogyakarta Price List

ServicesPrice IDR
Yogyakarta to Mount Bromo to Surabaya3.350.000
Yogyakarta to Mount Bromo to Ijen Crater transfer Bali5.250.000
Java Bali Overland Tour (daily use per day)1.300.000
Yogyakarta > Jepara City or Jepara City > Yogyakarta1.500.000
Yogyakarta > Semarang City or Semarang City > Yogyakarta1.140.000
Price are subject to change without notice, to get discounted price, please contact us

Transport Service From Surabaya Price list

Transport Services from Price IDR
Surabaya Bromo Surabaya (2 Days)1.700.000
Surabaya Bromo Ijen Surabaya (3 Days)2.600.000
Surabaya Bromo Ijen Bali (3 Days)3.600.000
Price are subject to change without notice, to get discounted price, please contact us


  • Very Good Van Air Conditioned
  • Driver able to speak English
  • Gasoline
  • Drivers room and meals


  • All Tolls Ways Fees
  • All Parking fees
  • Travel Insurance


  • Do not ask self-drive transport service, we not provide it
  • Prices subject to change without prior notice.
  • Please contact us and get discounted price!

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